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He also has a pet panther named Rodem. Rugal attacked him, and as powerful as he was, Goenitz took out his right eye in one strike. Rugal - Athena On Stage 9.

Norio Wakamoto - The King of Fighters and The King bernstein of Fighters Neowave 3. rugal bernstein KOF Sky Stage - extra boss 9. The King of Fighters &39;94 2.

The King of Fighters &39;95 - cutscenes only 3. Save time and shop online for your kitchen. See full list on snk. rugal bernstein Gather energy - Rugal can channel energy from Gaia and other sources, including Orochi&39;s power.

The RR - The King of Fighters &39;98 4. When Rugal was about 25 years old, an 18 year old Goenitz took out his eye with one strike and rugal bernstein gave him a small portion of Orochi&39;s. rugal bernstein Because of the strain this would cause the programmers, Rugal was instead given Geese Howard&39;s Reppuken and Wolfgang Krauser&39;sKaiser Wave, and his copying ability was retained in his backstory. Free UK delivery on eligible orders! On their anniversary website, SNK has stated that Rugal was originally based on the concept of the &92;&92;"mightiest and most evil boss character ever&92;&92;". SNK, can charge up dark energy into himself and rush forward with a powerful punch imbued with said energy.

What is Rudal Bernstein known for? Unlike most other KOF villains, Rugal has a sadistic sense of humor about what he does. Unlimited R - The King of Fighters : Unlimited Match 7. Mimicry - Rugal is rugal bernstein able to mimic and learn moves of other fighters just by observing them. To those who would oppose him, he would defeat them and later preserve their bodies in liquid metal to add to his grisly trophy room.

While Heidern considers Rugal his archenemy, Rugal dismisses him as another rugal bernstein annoyance. XXX - The King of Fighters &39;98 (Omega form), The King of Fighters R-2 5. He is absolutely remorseless for any of his villainous actions or the lives he takes, whether bernstein it was the fighters of his trophy collection, Heidern&39;s team and family, or brainwashing Kyo&39;s father, and takes glee in rubbing it in the faces of those who stand against rugal bernstein him. Unlike Ignizor other bosses in the franchise, his motivations do not extend beyond anything more than a desire to become more powerful and will stop at nothing to get his hands on whatever he desires, and relishes in the pain and suffering he inflicts on anyone who dares to cross his path. Rugal had since replaced his lost eye with a bionic one, and Goenitz sent two women, Mature and Vice, to watch Rugal and ensure he didn&39;t abuse his powers.

The King of Fighters &39;98 4. ↑ Neo Geo Freakarchive The King of Fighters &39;98 character interviews. rugal bernstein Toyohisa Tanabe states that his fighting style was created to emphasize Rugal&39;s strength as rugal bernstein the series&39;s first rugal bernstein boss character.

Energy Reflector - Rugal can create a barrier that reflects projectiles. The King of Fighters (pachinko) - boss character. Toshimitsu Arai - The King rugal bernstein of Fighters series (&39;94~&39;95, &39;98,, Unlimited Match, Sky Stage), Capcom vs. Tsuguo Mogami - The King of Fighters: Destiny~present. SNK titles, Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting, Metal Slug Defense 2. ↑ Official character rugal bernstein profile from KOF anniversary website.

The Lord GOD (The Lord ULTIMATE) - Capcom vs. Banjō Ginga - The King of Fighters &39;94 Dengeki drama CD 4. Energy Projectile rugal - Rugal can fire projectiles of energy from his hands. Meanwhile, its arranged version samples a part from Kool Chip & Chuck Chillout - Rhythm Is The rugal bernstein Master, specifically the line &92;&92;"Too the rhythm. ↑ The King of Fighters ’94 – Developer Interview originally featured in the “All About KOF’94” mook 4.

In his first appearance, Rugal was originally intended to possess the ability to copy any special move used against him and use it himself. Although the details of his past are unknown, Rugal Bernstein was a powerful rugal bernstein and influential arms dealer whose operations were carried out on his aircraft carrier, the Black Noah. More Rugal Bernstein videos. First introduced in The King of Fighters &39;94, he is a recurring boss in The King of Fighters fighting game series. Kettou R&D (Duel R&D) - The King of Fighters &39;94 (first round) 2.

Oddly enough, so far only Geese and Krauser&39;s techniques are used very frequently by him (the two men are even related out of ironic coincidence) and he even clashes paths with them. Not much is known about Rugal Bernstein prior to his appearance as an extremely wealthy, international black arms dealer. Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate rugal bernstein Shooting 10.

Impressed that he had survived the rugal bernstein attack, Goenitz decided to grant Rugal a portion of Orochi&39;s power, but warned him not to overuse it. ↑ KOF Year-end Party Ainori Bus Tour Group Report Archived from Falcoon Interview in 2. Rugal Battle - The King of Fighters (pachinko) 8. Untouchable by governments and politicians, Rugal was also an exceptionally dangerous, powerful, deadly, and undefeated self-trained martial artist who killed anyone who crossed him. Appearing to rugal bernstein be a man of wealth and taste, behind his otherwise classy and sophisticated rugal bernstein demeanor lies a ruthless and twisted megalomaniac who is obsessed with power, strength rugal bernstein and domination. Their first idea for Rugal&39;s characte. Who is rugal bernstein? Last Dance - The King of Fighters 6.

Sense - Rugal can sense chi energy of those nearby. rugal His fighting style is an amalgam of various arts, including Hakkyokuseiken and House of Strolheim, the styles used by Geese Howard and Wolfgang Krauser. He has rugal adapted several moves from each character, such rugal bernstein as Geese&39;s Reppuuken and Krauser&39;s Kaiser Wave (the latter converted into a special move for Rugal&39;s case).

The King of Fighters - as rugal a Maniac Striker for Kula 5. Like Goenitz and Heidern, his name comes from the anime, Space Battleship Yamato. Feared throughout the political bernstein and fighting world, Rugal was an influential arms dealer who operated aboard his aircraft carrier Black Noah. Hiromichi Tezuka - King of Fighters movie (Japanese voice) 5. Rugal has been admired and feared throughout the world, by crime leaders and politicians alike, due to his influence, wealth and power in his illegal deals. As The King rugal bernstein of Fighters &39;94 was a new crossover series consisting of characters from SNK fighting games such as Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting, as well as other SNK properties such as rugal Ikari Warriors and Psycho Soldier, Rugal was designed with the idea of creating rugal bernstein the most evil and strongest fighting game boss ever. bernstein Although Rugal rugal bernstein is supposedly deceased at the end rugal bernstein of The King Of Fighters &39;95, as he no longer appears in future story arcs, he rugal bernstein continues to appear as a recurring boss in the Dream Match rugal titles (where story is bernstein non-existent and characters that may rugal bernstein have.

He&39;s very aware of his monstrous strength and undefeated streak in combat, and is rude, arrogant, narcissistic, and even has rugal bernstein delusions of godhood. See full list on villains. Rugal is a cruel and powerful man who will kill anyone who stands in his way. Rugal Bernstein is the main antagonist in the first two King of Fighters games and a recurring boss rugal bernstein throughout the series. Is vyn based on rugal? Management and Manipulation - His occupation is that of an international arms dealer who secretly holds dangerously powerful influence over global politics. Years before the King of Fighters tournament, Rugal sensed the Orochi power and sought to claim it for himself, but encountered Goenitzinstead, who refused to grant Rugal such power. He will even go so far as to kill people simply to spite others (such as when he slaughtered Heidern&39;s family simply because bernstein he found Heidern to be a disappointment).

Toyohisa Tanabe admits he went "a bit overboard" with the damage ratio of the Genocide Cutter. He sees absolutely no value in human life, to the point where he proudly displays the metal-encased corpses of worthy opponents he has killed in battle as trophies. Kecchaku R&D (Settlement R&D) has some audios from Digital Underground - Gutfest &39;89 said by Sex Packets: &92;&92;"you can hear behind me now that uh I think they called blue death. Over the years, many peopl.

Energy Punch - Rugal, most notably in Capcom vs. &92;&92;" 1. He used to work with his younger brother, but they separated over conflicting interests. He also comments &92;&92;"going rugal bernstein a bit overboard&92;&92;" with Genocide Cutter&39;s damage ratio in The King of Fighters &39;94. 0/reviews). Capcom vs SNK 2 8.

In some artworks, Rugal seemingly does not have bernstein his bionic eye present, wh. Rugal Bernstein (ルガール・バーンシュタイン, Rugāru Bānshutain) is a video game character created by SNK. rugal bernstein &92;&92;" &92;&92;"Yeah you can hear that they&39;re having a ball and a hell of a time down at gutfest this year. Slashing Aura - Rugal can c. &92;&92;" 2. Kecchaku R&D (Settlement R&D) - The King of Fighters &39;94 (second round) 3. The King of Fighters &39;98: Ultimate Match 6.

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